Nongnuch: 20 years old (917 MB mp4) 2018

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Nongnuch: 20 years old (917 MB mp4) 2018

Video Description: Nongnuch works at a local gogobar and word has spread about the sexy farang masseur giving a lot more for the money. Nongnuch works at the gogobar 7 nights a week to send money home to her family. It doesn't leave her much time to have a boyfriend and no matter how much sex she has it just does not fulfill her desires to be turned on before sex. All of her partners are there for themselves which leaves Nongnuch feeling extra horny at times. Nongnuch figures she'll at least get pampered for a change if she visits this masseur so she makes her appointment for that very afternoon. Nongnuch is nervous when she arrives, she is full of anticipation as the rumors of wild sex with this masseur are all the talk of the tiny gogobar circuit. Would she get lucky too? Does he have sex with all the girls? She was there to find out. She climbs up on the table closes her eyes and waits.

She hears him enter the room but does not open her eyes she lets her mind wander.. does he have a big cock? Will he be gentle? Then the warm oil hits her skin followed by the softest hands with a deep strength behind them. She gets goosebumps as he starts to knead her tender muscles. It is not long before he is concentrating on her breasts and rubbing his hands down her body to her aching pussy. He must have esp she thinks as his fingers slip deep inside her now oiled and slippery pinkness. He sees her clit is hard and gently gives it some needed attention.

She is hot with lust as he turns her over and continues to massage her ass and play with her pussy. As soon as his cock is within reach she takes it into her hand and lets him know she wants more than just a handjob from him. His eager cock agrees as she stuffs it deep into her mouth. Soon his hard cock is deep inside her and her desires are met with a huge orgasm before he can reach his, so she allows him to add his final bit of massage technique to her face. Not bad, rumor verified outcome: massage and a facial.

Porn Model: Nongnuch
Clip or Movie name: 20 years old
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Production year: 2018
Genre of Video: Teen, Asian, Oral

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