Jasmine, Mutiny: FLATTENED FACE, SWOLLEN BALLS (596 MB mp4) 2018

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Jasmine, Mutiny: FLATTENED FACE, SWOLLEN BALLS (596 MB mp4) 2018

Video Description: The dynamic duo of Miss Jasmine and Mutiny are on the bed and again subjecting their slave to their cruel desires. “I wonder if it’s possible to flatten a mans face by sitting on it every day?” Jasmine asks. She suggests taking a series of photos over the year for comparison sake then gets on to matters at hand and tells Mutiny it would make her happy if she really punched him in the balls hard. As Mutiny starts to squeeze his balls and punch them Jasmine swings around off his face and puts him into a scissor hold.

Soon Jasmine is jealous and tells Mutiny to trade places so she can punch his nuts. Mutiny sits on his face but wraps her legs around his head at the same time. Jasmine twists and turns his nuts into a pretzel and when they think he might have smiled she goes ballistic with more punching. She squeezes his nuts so hard they look like they’ll explode and Mutiny can’t help but punch them to see if she can make them blow up. Mutiny sits forward on his face and Jasmine decides to hop on her lap so the slave is now totally buried under 200 plus pounds of divine female flesh. After some time the decide he needs a breath so they shift and give him maybe 2 seconds to breath maximum. You get some amazing ass views of both Ladies to go along with the face sitting and ballbusting. Ultimately Jasmine can’t resist hurting him more and gets up and kicks him repeatedly in the balls. As she moves to sit on his face Mutiny decides she wants to kick his balls too. Jasmine is instantly back on his face doing splits and giving him a sniff of her divine pussy and likely taking his mind off the pain of his swollen nuts.

Porn Model: Jasmine, Mutiny
Production year: 2018
Genre of Video: Femdom, Female Domination

FullHD | mp4 | 00:08:07 | 596 MB

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